Visas related questions

  • You do not find the answer to your question

    On average, nearly all the inquiries we receive are answered by the information available on our website
    However, if you were unable to find the relevant answer, please send your (...)

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  • Other questions regarding visas applications

    Please check our website carefully and thoroughly:

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  • Request for a medical insurance

    For those who have to produce evidence of medical insurance, please provide a letter from an insurance company stating that they will be covered, for a minimum of 45,000 Dollars for the duration of their stay in the (...)

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  • Visa appointment

    Visa appointments must be obtained on-line. DO NOT CALL THE CONSULAT REGARDING APPOINTMENTS.
    You should go on the website of this Consulate and log on to "On line appointments" : (...)

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  • How to apply for a visa?

    Applications for all visas must be made in person as fingerprints and a photograph will be taken on the premises for each applicant, regardless of age.

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