2016 Call for Donations to Entraide française

Entraide française is a nonprofit organization that provides assistance to French nationals facing hardship in the New York area, such as:

-  French nationals suffering from social exclusion (elderly, people who are ill, incarcerated or unemployed);

-  French nationals facing temporary hardship and unexpected expenses;

-  French nationals in transit in New York and deprived of means following a theft, accident or sudden illness;

Entraide française also provides support to talented young French artists and to French nationals who want to enroll their children in French after-school programs.

As the only social welfare organization in the region that receives financial support from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development, Entraide française is an important partner of the General Consulate of France in New York.

Faced with an increasing number of requests, the association depends in large part on the generosity of private donors. Every donation is important to the association.


Entraide française is calling for donations for 2016.
Learn more about what Entraide française by visiting: http://www.entraidefrancaisenyc.org/

Make a donation.

Last modified on 10/06/2016

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