30 French StartUps among CES Innovation Award 2017 Winners [fr]

The FrenchTech is sparkling at the CES 2017 in Las Vegas. France is the third most represented country, with 275 companies and exhibitors. Among them, 233 are startups. Find out more about the 30 French winners of a CES Innovation Award 2017.

The dramatic increase of French startups exhibiting at the CES confirms the FrenchTech’s international momentum over the past 3 years.

A new visibility worldwide

This increased French presence at the CES has contributed to the visibility of the French Tech in the United States and around the world, particularly with the industry’s main producers, distributors and investors, but also, as a result, in France. Major tech and business media relayed the phenomenon worldwide.

A growth at the level of the international ambition of the French startups

In total, more than 250 startups in 4 years have decided to make significant investments to promote their product at the main international trade fair of the sector. Some of these startups were themselves very young. This dynamic reflects an important cultural evolution and a new ambition among French entrepreneurs: they imagine their startup as international very early and will very quickly confront their product on the international market. Today, their shared ambition is to create global companies, established in the biggest markets, well beyond our borders, this ambition is now a motto among startups throughout France.

Growing international ambitions for French startups

As a whole, more than 250 startups have decided to bet on major investments to showcase their product at the industry’s main salon. Some of these startups were themselves very young. This new dynamic reveals a significant cultural shift and a new ambition among French entrepreneurs: they think of their startup as an international entity early on, and go present their product on the international market. Their shared ambition today is to create global companies, present on the largest markets, well beyond our borders. And this ambition is now present among startups everywhere in France, not just in a few major cities.

Here is the lineup of the 30 French startups that won a CES Innovation Award 2017

A VR and browsing controller, compatible with PC, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift.

An iPhone-connected cube that allows the user to prepare perfect tea, by remote-controlling dosage as well as temperature and steeping time.

Bluemint Labs - Bixi
Bluemint Labs presents the first ultraportable intelligent, contact-free device that simplifies our connected life thanks to intuitive motion recognition: Bixi

A connected food and water and dispenser for cats.

Wireless charging devices shaped like adhesive tape, connected to a micro-USB, Lightning or Type-C port

A technology that gives the sensation of 3D-relief to touch interfaces.

An intelligent LED light bulb that helps falling asleep and waking up refreshed, by synchronizing to bio-rhythms.

Hydrao - Smart & Blue
An intelligent and green showering device.

An intelligent airbag for cross-country and alpine skiers.

JOY - Technology for Families
Family-friendly technology. The first icon-based watch, which allows children to take on good habits and learn the concept of time.

Solutions for improved group interactivity through various activities : quizzes, surveys, instant messaging, brainstorming, etc.

An electric toothbrush with sonic vibration, rechargeable and Bluetooth-connected, for real-time tracking.

An online store for customizable furniture.

MyBlueShip SAS
Connects any unanimated objet through a « MOP », an NFC sensor that connects third parties, who anonymously exchange content and data.

Home automation solutions for a connected house. Pilot, control and automate all your home appliances via a smartphone, tablet, etc.

A platform for interactive innovation.

Innovating technological products to simplify pool maintenance, including ICO, the connected pool device.

A manufacturer specializing in nomadic connected devices, including K’asq, the first wireless headphones with a certified high-quality sound and 5 hours of continuous autonomy.

Plume Labs
A website and mobile app to check the forecast and air pollution levels. Uses a connected sensor that detects polluting agents in the air we breathe.

Rifft has developed a connected bracelet called « CT Band », which is attached to a watch dial to make it connected. The intelligent robot “Fuzzy”, a playful, educational companion for children, which plays with them, shared their knowledge and watches over them; the induction surface “Wi Surf”, a modular, customizable and wireless charging station.

A company producing sensors that connect our daily objects and allows us to track their movements, for a better understanding of how we use them Sen.se produces Mother and the Peanut

An olfactory alarm clock.

A universal remote control that can track precisely the location of any connected object placed within a short distance.

A solar heating technology for stocking water at a very low price.

A video stabilization system, combining hardware and software.

Urban Hello
A connected, remotely programmable alarm clock, designed for children.

A website and secured search engine for children.

A connected labeling solution for all kind of supports.

A platform for connecting health workers, health associations and doctors.

Connected and intelligent shoes.

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