35 American Veterans Receive the Legion of Honor

JPEGOn the occasion of the May 8th commemoration ceremonies, the insignia of the French Legion of Honor were bestowed upon 35 American WWII Veterans at the prestigious United States Military Academy of West Point, in New York State.

Decorating the Veterans with the insignia of the Legion of Honor today is a solemn expression of gratitude by France to these men who left their homes, crossed the Atlantic, and courageously faced fire and death, fighting for a country most of them had not even known before.

Established on the Hudson River in 1802, the same year the Legion of Honor was founded, the United States Military Academy of West Point is the oldest military academy in the United States, which still trains officers who fight side by side with the French forces, mainly in Afghanistan.

Speech by Ambassador François Delattre

The pictures of the event

More information about The United States Military Academy of West Point

Last modified on 12/06/2012

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