"France must be the gateway to the European market”

French President François Hollande toured Fedex’s European hub at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport on Tuesday, October 19, as the new phase of Fedex’s European development was being unveiled. He pointed out France’s role after Brexit: attract investors and be the gateway to the European market.

The President of the French Republic toured Fedex’s European hub at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport on Tuesday, October 19, as the new phase of Fedex’s European development was being unveiled. He was accompanied by Ms. Martine PINVILLE, Secretary of State for the Minister of the Economy, in charge of Trade, Artisans, Consumer issues and the Social economy, and Mr. Christophe SIRUGUE, Secretary of State in charge of Manufacturing.

In the presence of Jane D. Hartley, United States Ambassador to France, the President of the Republic expressed his gratitude to the government and corporate partneirs who allow France to attract investors, while pointing out that some work remained to be done:

  • "Even if we talk to men and women who are already completely in love with France, in love with its culture, in love with its language, in love with its savoir-faire, its technology, but who are not entirely convinced that France can be the best territory to invest in."

The President of the Republic observed that France attracts big companies such as Fedex, in turn attracting increasingly large investments from all over the world.

  • "A 30% increase in foreign investments in France since 2012. In 2015, 1,000 investment projects from abroad came to fruition, and I thank Business France for supporting us in this mission."
  • "These investment initiatives have created close to 35,000 jobs, with a 30% increase between 2014 and 2015. Major investors come to France, American investors, and we are thrilled with this. You are aware of these ties that unite our two countries, Mrs. Ambassador has been working on this and we think about the United States every step of the way, especially these days.”


Indeed, France would like the United States to think of her not only as an ally or a partner, but as a loyal friend.

In the current context of Brexit, the role of France is to provide access to European markets:

  • "We, France, must be the gateway to the European market; we must show that we can help large companies that invest in France to be fully present in the European market, with all the conditions for success."

To do so, it is important to attract foreign investors, including executives who have moved back to France after working abroad, and to try to find the best ways possible to make investments secure:

  • "It is also very important that we were able to set rules for retroactive tax laws, so that there is no doubt about investments and their fiscal revenues; that we can offer a stabilized framework."

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The President of the Republic pointed out that the extension of the Fedex hub at Charles de Gaulle airport was sending a positive signal, at a time when Paris is competing against cities like Los Angeles to host the Olympic Games in 2024.

  • "I do not want to go too far by suggesting that this will be a great asset for the Paris bid to host the Olympic Games in 2024, as I know that a major American city is also competing to host. So, I wouldn’t want to create any difficulty for you, but we will be in a position to claim here in France, that we have all the facilities to guarantee the best logistical service for all the large events we will have to organize, but more importantly for the French economy, in the service of the global economy.”

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Last modified on 23/08/2019

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