After two years of sailing across the Pacific Ocean, Tara returns to the port of Lorient! [fr]

After a final crossing of the Panama Canal, the schooner sailed through the mythical New York Bay before docking at the North Cove Marina harbor.

During this penultimate stage of the Tara Pacific expedition, the schooner received various delegations. The purpose of these encounters was to hold negotiations on the law of the High Seas that was being debated at the UN.

The Tara also welcomed schools and the general public.

As a reminder, Tara Pacific has :
-  Been on a 2-year expedition from 2016 May to 2018 September
- visited 30 countries
- made 70 stopovers
- sailed 100 000 km
- studied 40 archipelagos
- subjected 10 sites to specific studies
- taken 35 000 samples in 2 years
- involved around 100 scientists, from 8 different countries
- 23 institutions and research laboratories

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Last modified on 23/08/2019

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