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There are around an estimated 4,500 American companies operating in France, where they employ nearly 420,000 people. The United States was the leading source of job-creating foreign investment in France in 2019, with 238 projects.


American companies in France

A total of 238 investments were recorded from the United States in France in 2019, creating or maintaining 7,886 jobs. The United States remained the leading investor and provider of employment in France, with 16% of projects and 20% of jobs.

Investments by American firms were made primarily in decision-making centers (29% of projects; 16% of jobs) and production/manufacturing (27% of projects; 28% of jobs). Among decision-making centers, a little over one in five projects corresponded to American firms newly setting themselves up in France.

A large number of American companies invested in logistics operations, accounting for 17% of all projects and nearly half (46%) of all jobs in this area in France. Of note too was that the United States was the leading country investing in R&D projects in France, where it was the leading source of employment.

The software and IT services sector captured the largest share of American investment in France, with more than one-quarter of projects, while 60% of all jobs created by foreign investment in the financial services, banking and insurance sector were by American firms.

Ile de France (Paris region) attracted 41% of all investments from the United States, followed by Hauts de France (11%), Occitanie (9%), Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (8%) and Grand Est (7%).

American Investments in Europe

In 2019, France was the second leading destination of job-creating investment from the United States, attracting 16% of American projects in Europe, preceded by the United Kingdom (22%) but ahead of Germany (14%).2

Selected Investment Projects in 2019

Netflix: The global leader in on-demand video services, Netflix has confirmed its desire to increase its presence in France with the opening of a sales office in Paris. The new office will accommodate 30 employees who will take care of the growing market in France, which now has more than seven million subscribers. The company also wants to continue investing in France by producing more content for its future series intended for the local market.

QC Ware: QC Ware is a California-based startup specializing in quantum computing solutions. The company chose France as the location of its first European research center thanks to its ambitious research program on quantum computing. This first establishment outside the American domestic market offers it the opportunity to recruit French researchers to develop partnerships with the best French research institutes (such as INRIA) while prospecting CAC 40 groups. The company plans to employ around 20 researchers by 2021 in Ile de France (Paris region) and to continue developing partnerships with the public sector, as well as the business world.

AGCO Corporation: AGCO, one of the world’s leaders in the design, manufacture and distribution of agricultural machinery and solutions, has expanded its Beauvais site (Hauts de France region). AGCO has taken over the former Nestlé production site, which closed in early 2019 and is nearby AGCO’s Beauvais location. The company plans to invest €40 million over the 2019-2021 period to develop new infrastructure at the forefront of Industry 4.0. This project will involve the creation of 200 new jobs.

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The United States was the leading source of job-creating foreign investment in France in 2019, with 238 projects. Business France (PDF - 130.3 kb)

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