Choose France summit - France’s economic appeal

The 2019 summit “Choose France” was held on January 21, 2019 to promote France’s economic attractiveness internationally. More than 150 business leaders attended this second edition at Chateau de Versailles, hosted by President Emmanuel Macron and members of the Government.

Figures in attendance included the CEOs of Uber, Ikea, Microsoft, Samsung, Alibaba and Managing directors of French businesses as Airbus, Danone and Engie. Businesses of all sizes were present (large groups, SME, startups…) alongside with Business France and the public investment bank (Bpifrance), the president of France’s 18 regions as well as figures who particularly contributed to the economic dynamism of France.
Global leaders’ interest for France has been proven in 2018 as they announced the creation of 2200 jobs for the next 5 years as well as the investment of more than €3.5bn. Facebook planed on developing one of the world largest IA lab in France by unlocking €10m and Toyota Group have announced the investment up to €300m. For its part, the German company SAP revealed, in 2018, a plan to invest €2bn in France over five years on projects focused on artificial intelligence and fighting climate change.
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Last modified on 13/01/2020

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