Conference 934: Moving on up in an age of class- ridden societies [fr]

Join us for a conference about pandemics on Wednesday, December 5th, 2018 at 6:30pm at the Consulate General of France.

The French Consulate General of New York has the pleasure to invite you to a conference of Jules Naudet to celebrate his book release, with the participation of Shamus Khan (Columbia University), Annette Lareau (University of Pennsylvania) and Anupama Rao (Columbia University).

In his book “Stepping into the elite”, French sociologist Jules Naudet conducts a comparative research of the experience of social mobility in India, the US and France. He analyses the consequences of the pressure to perform and achieve in these three societies from the perspective of those who have managed, against all odds, to climb up the social ladder.

This conference will question the hardships of those who achieve exceptional success while trying to find their place among the elite. Is education the only way to making it or are other soft-skills sometimes required?Do members of minorities like African-Americans in the US, Dalits in India, or descendants of North-African migrants in France experience their mobility in a similar way as members of majority groups do?


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