Conference 934: Terrorism on Screen: Social Media’s Role in Investigation and Radicalization [fr]

On December 11 at 6:30 pm, the Consulate will host a conference on the role of social networks in contemporary terrorism.


Terrorism has taken advantage of the modern world’s globalization to reach larger audiences than ever before. Using online platforms like Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter, extremist groups recruit members, gather intelligence, and spread hate speech. The Web’s precise nature is used to target susceptible individuals directly, without intermediaries. ISIS has proved particularly adept in this new social media propaganda war.

Many governments have attempted to combat this rising threat. Several Western countries have founded bodies charged with countering jihadist propaganda on the internet, such as the United States’ “Center for Strategic Counterterrorism Communications” or France’s “stop-djihadisme”.

Investigators are also using these same social networks to track down possible leads and dismantle terrorist cells.

Two prestigious speakers will guide us during this conference: Cyrus Vance Jr, District Attorney of New York County, and François Molins, Public Prosecutor for the City of Paris. They will analyze various aspects of this complex question and explore possible solutions to the problems posed by the new digital landscape. The moderator will be Jim Sciutto, CNN’s Chief National Security Correspondent.

Last modified on 15/11/2019

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