Conference 934: The Fight Against Fake News!

The focus of November’s "Conference 934" was on combatting "Fake News". Inspired by Mediapart’s American correspondent Mathieu Magnaudeix and veteran journalist David Andelman, participants brainstormed solutions to the problems this new threat posed.

"Fake News" has been in the public consciousness since it appeared with alarming frequency during the 2016 American election. Online platforms like Facbeook and Twitter have struggled in the fight against it and were strongly criticized for their failure to adequately stop its spread. However, government intervention seems unlikely, due to to fears that such programs could presage restrictions on the internet.

Groups all over the world are therefore struggling with the question of "How to fight “Fake News” without undermining democratic principles?"

Our partners at French Morning have created a video summary of the event:

In a conference led by journalists Mathieu Magnaudeix and David Andelman, participants came together to think of novel solutions to fake news. Stormz, a company focused on collaborative workshops helped guide the format: first, participants broke off into different groups, where they were asked to think of general questions about fake news that began with "how to" or "how might we". These initial question "seeds" were shared with the entire group, who voted on their favorites. Here’s a summary of the most popular ideas: PNG

From there, participants considered these "seed ideas" in order to synthesize them into a 60 second elevator pitch that aimed to explain their solution in an efficient manner. To support this process, each group created a poster explaining what they believed would help most. See a few examples below:



Overall, the night was a great success and helped to bring in new perspectives on this pertinent issue. We hope you’ll join us for our next conference about the role of the Internet in radicalization and combating Terrorism, taking place on December 11th.

Last modified on 11/12/2017

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