Conference 934: The challenges of journalism at the digital era [fr]

On November 14 at 6:15 pm,, the Consulate will hold a participative conference on the challenges of journalism at the digital era.


“Fake News” has been central to several disinformation campaigns, including one during the most recent American presidential election. It has become a global phenomenon, driven by social media’s broad reach. Politicians are far from the only groups to be targeted; corporations and traditional media organizations have seen the public’s trust in them fall immensely.

Government and civil society are searching for new solutions to help combat this “fake news” epidemic, Civil society has turned to such initiatives as fact checking tools or online guides for determining what is ”Fake News”. Governments, for their part, have attempted to pass laws whose binding nature is viewed as unduly constraining freedom of speech.

How to effectively fight against “fake news” without undermining democratic principles?

To this end, the Consulate General of France is organizing a collaborative conference focused on brainstorming methods of fighting “fake news”. It will have a unique format, with the attendees actively partaking in the process of solution finding. To develop their ideas, they will participate in a “creative problem solving” enable by our partners at Stormz, an expert in facilitating collaborative sessions.

At the end of the Conference, the conferencegoers will pitch their solutions to a jury and the Consul, who will evaluate it.

The most innovative ideas will be broadcast by our partner French Morning, who will also be filming the conference.

Last modified on 15/11/2019

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