Conference 934: To eat or not to eat: changing food habits for global sustainability [fr]

On January 18th, join us for a new edition of our Conferences 934. This time, our conference will focus on food habits and their impact on sustainability.


« One should eat to live, not live to eat » wrote the famous French playwright Moliere. Nevertheless, over a life time, we spend four full years eating! And nowadays, people care more and more about their food and how it’s produced.

At a time when urgent environmental action is needed, food is not only a question of pleasure, but a challenge which puts into question the long-term sustainability of our way of lives. In this context, for several years, food habits have definitely been changing. Local food, slow food, veganism, sustainable food, healthy eating... are emerging through a number of social initiatives. Something is happening in our plates! How could one explain these phenomena? To discuss it, we will have the pleasure to welcome several well renowned specialists. They will bring unique perspectives – to whet your insatiable appetite for knowledge!


Last modified on 19/01/2017

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