Conferences@934: The Future of Media in the Digital Age


A Conversation with Jean-Marie Colombani
Editor of the daily newspaper Le Monde from 1994 through 2007
Founder and President of

And Eric Alterman
Author and Journalist
Columnist for The Nation and The Center for American Progress

The conversation will be moderated by Romuald Sciora
President of the French-American Global Forum

After thirteen years spent leading Le Monde into new directions, alongside Alain Minc and Edwy Plenel, Jean-Marie Colombani left the newspaper in 2007. He then decided to turn the page and focus on internet-based journalism. As someone who left the Old World for the new one, he talked, during this conference, about how he experienced this transition. With high confidence in the future, particularly the future of web-journalism, he explained how this profession was transformed in the digital era, an age of interactivity and immediacy. With Eric Alterman, a specialist of American media, he explored the new relationships that new technologies have established between the press and its readers, but he also discussed the more traditional issue of the ties between journalists and power.

JPEGJean-Marie Colombani is a French journalist who ran Le Monde from 1994 to 2007. Today, he is the President and Co-Founder of the online magazine He has published over a dozen books on French politics and the United States. He is the co-author, with Walter Wells, of Dangerous De-Liaisons: What’s Really behind the War between France and the U.S. He collaborates with various foreign media and hosts a television show on Public Sénat network.

JPEGEric Alterman is an American historian, journalist, author, media critic, blogger, and educator. His political weblog named Altercation was hosted by from 2002 until 2006, moved to Media Matters for America until December 2008, and is now hosted by The Nation. He is the author of several books about media.

JPEGRomuald Sciora is a writer and a filmmaker, specialist of the United Nations (UN). As a writer, he has co-published two books with the UN. As a filmmaker, he has produced more than a dozen political documentaries including a TV series devoted to this organization. He also edited a special issue of the French monthly Le Monde diplomatique devoted to the UN, and he gave numerous conferences on the subject.

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Conférence@934 : The Futur of the Media in the... by consulfrancenyc

Conférence@934 : The Future of the Media in the... by consulfrancenyc

The New Challenges of our Global World is a series of conferences organized in 2014/2015 by the Consulate General of France in New York and the French American Global Forum. A leading international figure will interact with the audience on issues of concern for both France and the United States of America.

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