Conferences@934: "What future for the Euro?"

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On December 6th, in the series «Conferences@934», the Consulate General of France in New York organized a lecture on the theme “What future for the Euro?”, featuring Pierre-André Chiappori, Professor of Economics, Columbia University and Tanos Santos, Professor of Finance and Finance Economics, Columbia University Business School.
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Speech by the Consul General, Philippe Lalliot:

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Friends,

I am very happy to welcome you tonight to the Consulate for this fourteenth session of Conferences@934, whose success cannot be denied thanks to you.

Just a few words, if I may, to recall that these conferences bring together each month two public figures, one French and one American who confront their analyses on subjects related to international relations and the relation between France and the United States. I invite you to go to the Consulate’s website where you will find the conference program, photos, video and audio recording of these conferences.

Dear Friends,

We have gathered here tonight to listen and debate with two guests on a subject that is more than ever a current issue : “What future for the Euro?”

Some months ago, the Greek crisis gave rise to very strong concern on the viability of the Euro. Some, particularly in the United States, even forecasted its death, renewing a school of thought that goes back to the creation of the European currency. This controversy today has been relaunched by the situation in Ireland and the contagion risks of other European countries such as Portugal and Spain, as well as more general consequences of the monetary systems on a whole.

On a personal note, and to start the discussion tonight, I think that analyses on the Euro are too strictly economic and that they do not integrate the Euro’s political dimension enough. In other words, the Euro is not only a currency but it is also a political project carried by the will of the Euro zone’s countries. To debate these questions, we are lucky to have with us tonight two eminent professors who are renowned experts in financial economy. Please allow me to briefly present them.

Pierre-André Chiappori is Professor of economics at Columbia University. An alum of Ecole Normale Supérieure, he is also a doctorate in Economic Science. For more than a dozen years now, he has taught in the US at the University of Chicago and then at Columbia. Pierre-André Chiappori has been the editor of several international economic reviews and is on the board of several financial institutions. He is a distinguished specialist in the analysis of risk and insurance economics.

Tano Santos is also a Professor at Columbia University where he teaches finance at the Business School. His work focuses principally on asset pricing. Professor Santos was recently named Co-Director of the Helibrunn Center for Graham and Dodd Investing at Columbia, a prestigious center dedicated to investment theories.

Before beginning, please allow me to recall the rules of this exercise. Each gentleman will speak for ten minutes or so. This will be followed by half an hour of Q&A with you. We will try to end the session around 7:45. I’d like to add that the opinions expressed here are entirely those of our guest speakers, and not official positions of the French Government. And don’t worry about anything from tonight ending up on Wikileaks. We have everyone’s name and we know who to blame.

Without further ado, I will turn the floor over to Professor Chiappori.

Je vous souhaite à tous une excellente soirée.

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The lecture has been followed by a Q&A session with the public.

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Pierre-André Chiappori is currently the E. Rowan and Barbara Steinschneider Professor of Economics at Columbia University . A former student of the Ecole Normale Supérieure, he has a PhD in economics and has taught economics in France (EHESS, ENSAE, Ecole Polytechnique, Ecole Normale Superieure) and at the University of Chicago. Mr Chiappori has been an editor of several international journals, and is a member of the scientific council of numerous institutions. He is a renowned expert in microeconomics, with a specialization in risk and insurance and in household behavior.

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Tano Santos, who earned his PhD from the University of Chicago in 1996, is a professor of finance and finance economics at Columbia University Business School . He has focused his research on asset pricing with an emphasis on theoretical and empirical models. Professor Santos was recently appointed co-Director of the Heilbrunn Center for Graham and Dodd investing and currently co-teaches Introduction to Value Investing.

«Conferences@934» is a series of monthly conferences organized by the Consulate General of France that brings together two leading experts, one French and one American, who share their analyses on international issues.

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