Congratulations to the Men In Bike

JPEG For Anthony, Philippe, Jean-Jacques and Romain, covering America on a bike is a simple task. “The Men In Bike project is all about 4 friends who cross the ocean in search of adventures on the American continent: 1 year of biking between Buenos Aires and New-York, riding through 7 countries, doing 10,000 km in 300 nights of bivouacking! This was both a sports challenge and a dream for each of us.
Open-mindedness, exploration, adventure… so many concepts did they choose to implement on their venture of exploring the Americas. Only a few days after their arrival, the four decided to set down their kickstand in front of the Consulate for a moment – just the time for some picture-taking.
Their website
Their arrival at the Consulate

Last modified on 22/04/2016

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