Criminal records

Criminal Records come in three forms (called bulletins).

Bulletin no. 1
This comprises a list of all convictions and judgments in the criminal record. It is issued only to judicial authorities.
The person concerned may apply in writing to the public prosecutor at the local district court for a verbal report.

Bulletin no. 2
This comprises most of the convictions for felonies and misdemeanors with the exception of sentences given to minors and suspended sentences considered cancelled.
It is issued only to certain administrative or military authorities for specific reasons (access to certain occupations, to receive certain honors, for example). It is never issued to an individual. If the document is sought by an administrative authority, that authority must request it directly from the Casier judiciaire national.

Bulletin no. 3
This comprises only convictions for crimes and misdemeanors resulting in sentences of two or more years’ imprisonment, along with any current disqualifications or deprivations.
It may only be issued to the person concerned or, in the case of a minor or a judicially protected adult, to his/her legal representative. is strictly personal: any application for this Casier judiciaire must be signed by the person concerned and his/her personal address indicated. Under no circumstances will it be issued to a third party, even for a person who is deceased.
If the applicant does not know how or is unable to sign, this fact shall be noted by the mayor or commissioner of police who shall attest at the same time that the application is made in the name of and on the initiative of the person whom the bulletin concerns (Article R.82 of the Code de Procédure Pénale).

Application for Bulletin no. 3

If you were born in metropolitan France, in a French Overseas Department or abroad, you must apply at the ‘Casier judiciaire national’.
Send your application:

- by postal mail to Casier judiciaire national, indicate your last name, first names (maiden name for married women), date and place of birth, current address,
- on the internet, on the website of the ‘Casier judiciaire national’.

You may also send your application by using the following application form, do not forget to sign your application.

If you were born outside of France, please attach a copy of proof of identity.

If you are born in a French Overseas Territory, you must apply at the ‘tribunal de première instance’ of your place of birth.

The Casier judiciaire national cannot issue a statement declaring that you have had no convictions. Under article 17 of the decree of February 9, 1988, it is up to you to make such a declaration, affirming that you have had no criminal conviction, civil or administrative sanction preventing you from exercising a commercial activity or managing or heading a legal entity.

In the case of an emergency
- You may send your application by registered mail or courrier service, or by fax to 011 33 2 51 89 89 18 (attach proof of civil status).
- You may apply in person with proof of your identity.

Processing time and cost
- a casier judiciaire is obtained immediately if you apply in person,
- in several days if applied for by Minitel, fax, courrier service or registered mail.
- in two weeks if your application is sent by regular mail.

The casier judiciaire is issued free of charge in all cases. There is no need to send a stamped envelope.
NOTE: If the casier judiciaire contains convictions or disqualifications or deprivations, it is issued to the applicant in person or sent by registered letter with receipt requested.

For all information contact:
- The ‘Casier judiciaire national’,
- The ‘Tribunal de Première Instance’ (for French Overseas Territories):


National address

Casier Judiciaire National
44317 Nantes Cedex 3

Open Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 6 pm, and Saturday from 9:30 am to 12:15 pm

Tel 011 33 2 51 89 89 51
Fax 011 33 2 51 89 89 18

Addresses for Wallis and Futuna

Tribunal de Première Instance
BP 12 Mata Utu
(except for the Islamic Federal Republic of the Comoros)

Tribunal de Première Instance
rue Mahabou Mamoudzou
97600 Mayotte

Addresses for New Caledonia

Tribunal de Première Instance
Faubourg Blanchot BP F4
98848 Nouméa Cedex
French Polynesia

Tribunal de Première Instance
BP101 Papeete Tahiti

Tribunal de Première Instance
4, rue Borda BP 4215
97500 Saint Pierre et Miquelon

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