Eligibility for VAT refunds [fr]


Usual procedure

Upon your final departure from the European Union, you must present, simultaneously and before registration of your luggage, the goods and the voucher for visa by the customs service.
In order to know the precise methods of obtaining the tax refund, consult the Customs website.
The VAT refund will only occur if all the conditions mentioned by the Customs have been respected.

Exceptional procedure in retrospect: visa of the tax-free form by the consulate

The post-clearance adjustment of the VAT refund is exceptional.

In order for the Consulate to be able to issue an attestation of presentation of the items purchased in France, the following conditions must be met:

- you usually live outside France or the European Union and have stayed in France or the European Union for less than six months;

- the sales slip could not be endorsed by the competent customs office, for reasons relating exclusively to the organization of the customs service (absence, temporary interruption, malfunction in the PABLO application);

- you are the buyer and you present the goods in their entirety: the absence of a single commodity is enough to invalidate the entire tax refund procedure;

- the minimum amount of your purchases by BVE (export sales slip) must be 175.01 euros T.T.C., for purchases made the same day, at the same point of sale. Each BVE must include the business name, address, SIREN number and vendor’s signature;

- the goods must not have been unpacked, partly consumed or worn.

If one of these conditions is not respected, the Consulate can not issue an attestation of presentation of the items purchased in France.

You must come in person at the Consulate by appointment only.

To request an appointment, please send an email to the following address: chancellerie@consulfrance-newyork.org, explaining the reasons why you could not complete the tax refund formalities before leaving the European Union.

For the appointment at the Consulate, you must provide:

- your passport
- all the goods mentioned on the form(s) - the products must not have been unpacked from their original packaging
- the form(s) of tax refund
- the equivalent in dollars of 27 euros per form (fee may change according to the chancellery rate).

French Custom Website (in english): www.douane.gouv.fr

Last modified on 21/08/2019

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