Emergency numbers

The Consulate General is at your service

In case of emergency (assault, accident, arrest or death of a French citizen…), the Consulate General is available 24 hours, 7 days a week on a dedicated line.
• From the USA, dial: 1 (917) 751 4465
• From France, dial: 00 1 91 77 51 44 65

Emergency is defined as a request for assistance in the event of an assault, accident, arrest, the death of a close relative and the theft of a passport within a few hours of traveling.

Please remember that there is a 6 hour time difference between France and the United States; kindly inform us of the theft of a passport at reasonable hours.

For all other cases (theft of a credit card, and renewal of a stolen passport without immediate travel plans for example, visas), please refer to our website and, during business hours, contact:
• From the United States: 1 (212) 606 3600
• From France: 00 1 21 26 02 36 00

Rapid money transfer

If you need money:
• The Consulate may help you get in touch with your relatives, who may be of assistance. The fastest way (the process only takes a few minutes) is through specialized companies such as:
o Moneygram
o Western Union

These transfers can be made online in a few minutes, or at local branch. The beneficiary needs to have official identification to be able to receive the money.

• Remember to contact your credit card company, to ask, if it is included in your contract, for emergency funds to be made available to you at a branch.
• The Consulate is unable to pay your hotel bill or to cover the costs of your stay.
• As a last resort, if your friends and relatives are not able to assist, a minimal aid may be granted after a thorough review of the situation, to cover emergency basic needs.

Last modified on 15/12/2017

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