Digital Breakfast #4

On Friday, November 21, The Consulate General organized a Digital Breakfast on the occasion of Cap Digital’s « Digital Roadshow ». This event brought together professionals from the French Tech NY group, and representatives from French companies planning to settle in New York.


All the companies represented at the breakfast operate in the Big Data sector, whether in France or the United States. The presence of French entrepreneurs already settled in New York allowed companies currently exploring this market to get a better sense of the New York ecosystem. Around Bernard Faro, the Deputy Consul General, four entrepreneurs shared their experience in the United States, the challenges and successes they have met.


The entrepreneurs featured were Florent Peyre, co-founder of Placemeter, an application that compiles data by filming street activity ; Alexis Lê-Quoc, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Datadog, a service providing surveillance and data-analysis for companies specializing in information and communication technology ; Soraya Belhadj Aissa, in charge of Big Data in New York for Yuzu, an app that uses and pools clients’ data to provide better targeting of retailers ; and Jean-Michel Planche from Réseau While42 and CTO of Witbe, a company that offers customized solutions to monitor the quality of the user experience for their IP services.

Find all the pictures of the event here

Last modified on 09/01/2020

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