France welcomes talent and investment

In the competition to attract job-creating foreign investment, value added and talent, countries with a strong and comprehensive “investment attractiveness mix” stand apart from their peers.


France can be seen in this light, as one of the few countries in Europe to boast so many structural advantages.

The global economic crisis has underscored their importance: efficient public services, world-class infrastructure, a diversified technological base, a highly skilled and productive workforce, and one of Europe’s most dynamic demographics, signaling the country’s confidence in the future.

France is recognized for its quality of life. On average, 13 foreign companies choose to make new job-creating investments here every week.

France receives more foreign investment in industry than any other country in Europe.

Since competition for investment between different countries and regions is driven by competitiveness, administrative efficiency, and the welcome afforded to foreign investors, the unveiling by the Prime Minister on November 6, 2012 of the “National Pact for Growth, Competitiveness and Employment”, the creation of a Public Investment Bank, and the agreement established on January 11, 2013 between employer federations and trade unions will consolidate France’s position in Europe.

Investment attractiveness also depends on the image that potential locations project and the perceptions they arouse. My hope is that this collection of facts and figures will help close the gap between perception and reality by underscoring France’s image as an open, competitive and innovative country at the heart of the European market.

David Appia
Ambassador for International Investment
Chairman and CEO, The Invest in France Agency

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Last modified on 06/02/2013

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