French Citizenship Ceremony

Mr. Bertrand Lortholary, Consul General of France in New York, handed out the official documents granting French nationality to thirty-five new French citizens on Friday, February 6, 2015.

In his address, Mr. Lortholary highlighted the importance of this ceremony for those who have chosen to be French, but also for the Nation itself. It was a highly symbolic moment, in a warm, welcoming setting.

“I am proud to see that this year, once again, hailing from Lebanon, Iran, Mexico, Poland, South Korea, Armenia, Cameroon, China, Italy, Morocco, Senegal, the Dominican Republic, Belarus, the Czech Republic, Israel, Belgium and, of course, the United States, you have chosen France as your nation. The diversity of your origins, and of all applicants for French citizenship every year, are the true wealth of our country.”
Bertrand Lortholary, Consul General of France in New York

Mr. Lortholary’s address :

PDF - 410.5 kb
(PDF - 410.5 kb)

See pictures of the event here.

Last modified on 09/02/2015

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