French-English classes in NYC Public Schools need your help in order to grow!


Today in New York, tuition-free French-English education is available to thousands of children in public schools. Launched in 2007, these dual language programs currently provide high-quality bilingual classes to 1,000 students from kindergarten to 6th grade. One day, we hope to extend these programs all the way to college! To reach this goal, a Parent-Teacher committee, with support from the Cultural Services of the French Embassy and FACE, has launched a massive fundraising campaign that will begin on December 5th, 2013.

The objective? Raise enough money to bring these programs to underserved areas of New York, and extend these programs up until the last year of high school. By contributing to this campaign, you will be participating in a noble cause to aid the francophone and francophile communities of New York. Bilingualism is extremely beneficial for a child’s cognitive development. Offering bilingual classes in public schools will reinforce and expand the options already available in private schools to the children of our growing community.

More information about this campaign

It is very simple to help! Go to our crowdfunding platform to contribute
Or make a tax-exempt donation on FACE’s website:

How will the money be used?

1) Expanding French-English language programs to more schools, and extending the program up to the high school level.

2) Attracting great teachers from pre-K to grade 12

3) Purchasing French books and innovative resources

Every dollar counts in this effort!

Contact: Fabrice Jaumont, Education Attaché of the Embassy
(212) 439-1408 -

Last modified on 07/01/2014

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