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Speech by the Consul General of France in New York, Mr. Philippe Lalliot:

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear friends,

First, I must offer you an apology: François Delattre, who was supposed to be here with us this evening, and was so eagerly looking forward to seeing you all again, had unfortunately to stay in Washington to welcome Christine Lagarde. He is really sorry about that and sends his regrets.

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you this evening to the French Consulate. We were here in this very room last November to raise funds for the renovation of the Château du Clos Lucé, a jewel of French and European culture where Leonardo da Vinci spent the last three years of his life.

This evening we meet to celebrate the French Heritage Society’s 30th anniversary. You know how much I admire your organization and its leaders, Elizabeth Stribling and Denis de Kergorlay, and all the members of the association. I would like to thank in particular Odile de Schietere-Longchamp and George Sape for their help in organizing this dinner. For me, our relationship is one of both respect and friendship.

Thirty years. In human terms, it barely represents adulthood. Compared with our history, it’s nothing. And yet, the French Heritage Society can take credit for so many magnificent accomplishments in its three decades of existence. You have contributed to restoring nearly 500 historical monuments and provided $9 million, in France and in the United States.

As members of the French Heritage Society, you are the guardians of a tradition that most of you have inherited not by nationality but by predilection. That choice is therefore all the more remarkable. This heritage that you preserve has become your own legacy to hand down to future generations.

I will never tire of repeating just how much your work reflects the very close ties that unite our two countries, France and the United States. Recent events in Afghanistan, Libya and Ivory Coast, to mention jus but a few examples, demonstrate this closeness and trust and how important it is.

I am convinced that the French Heritage Society’s many new projects will further nurture this relationship. That’s why this 30th anniversary is an opportunity not just to celebrate the successes and accomplishments of the past, but also to look at the future with a lot of hope and dynamism.

I hope so with all my heart and you can count on my support, given the great importance of your initiatives for the preservation of our most beautiful French monuments, for the promotion of this culture that we all love, and for the fostering of the French-American relationship.

A toutes et à tous, je souhaite un excellent anniversaire et une excellente soirée.

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