French Success Story : Leah Pisar presents us Aladin project [fr]

This month Leah Pisar came to present us the Aladin project.
The Aladdin Project is an independent, international non-governmental organization based in Paris. The thirty personalities on its Board are from different countries, cultures and religions, united in the belief that the power of knowledge and education and the primacy of history and moral values can vanquish the chasms created by ignorance, prejudice, hate and competing memories.

They are equally convinced that a lasting intercultural dialogue can only thrive in an interchange that is at peace with history. Their goal is to promote harmonious intercultural relations, particularly among Jews and Muslims, and we seek to facilitate mutual knowledge by producing and translating books, films, documentaries, Web sites and other sources of information in the languages of the concerned populations and by using the modern media to reach out to those who yearn and work for peace and mutual respect.

The Aladdin Project’s goal is to promote greater mutual knowledge among peoples of different cultures and religions, particularly Jews and Muslims, in order to bring about changes in attitudes and perceptions and develop a culture of peace and tolerance.

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Last modified on 27/08/2019

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