French Success Story: Matthieu Beucher, CEO & Founder of Klaxoon

French Tech startup Klaxoon recently raised $50 million! Matthieu Beucher, the CEO, came to visit the Consulate to tell us more about it.

The French Startup Klaxoon has recently raised $50 million to push its international expansion.

Based in Rennes, Klaxoon is a day to day solution that boosts participation and memorization during trainings, meetings, and conferences.
The CEO of Klaxoon, Matthieu Beucher came to visit the Consulate during a video discussion to better understand klaxoon’s activities in New York.

Matthieu Beucher Twitter: @mattbeuch

Klaxoon Facebook: @KlaxoonVibes
Klaxoon Twitter: @KlaxoonFR

Last modified on 13/05/2021

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