Gala dinner of The American Friends of the Paris Opera and Ballet

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The Consul General of France welcomed the association The American Friends of the Paris Opera and Ballet for their Annual Gala Dinner on November 23, 2009. The association encourages the cooperation of the Paris Opera and Ballet with the American artistic scene while promoting these organizations to the American public.

Established in New York since 1984, the organisation has provided for several US tours of the Paris Opera, the Ballet of the Paris Opera and the School of Ballet of the Paris Opera.

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Star dancers of the Ballet of the Paris Opera, Aurélie Dupont and Mathias Heyman, who are currently performing at the City Ballet of New York, honored the members of the association with their presence.

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The Consul General, Philippe Lalliot, gave a speech before turning the floor over to Jason Bridges a tenor who received the 2006 Opera Prize of the Association pour le Rayonnement pour le Rayonnement de l’Opéra national de Paris.

To see the pictures of the dinner, visit the Flickr page of the Consulate.


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Speech by the Consul general, Philippe Lalliot:

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Friends,

I am very happy to welcome you to the Consulate of France for this reception celebrating Ballet, Opera and the Franco-American friendship.

I would like in particular to thank Marina de Brantes, Olivia Flatto and Hal Witt for their remarkable work as well as all the American friends of the Paris Opera and Ballet present tonight.

Beyond your passion for this music, for 25 years you have shared the treasures of the Paris Opera and Ballet with the American public, in particular by organizing, tours, exhibitions as well as numerous original productions by inviting American artists to join the Paris Opera and Ballet.

I would like very simply to thank you for your dynamism which are an essential contribution, not only to the promotion of French Culture and its artists but also an essential contribution to the friendship between France and the United States.

This friendship must never be considered as something already accomplished, even if it is especially thriving today. This friendship must continue to be nourished by joint projects and exchanges between our two countries.

As such, you are carrying out an exemplary action. Know that you can always count on my support in all that you undertake.

Dear Friends,

We are lucky to be able to listen, in a few minutes to Jason Bridges, a young tenor full of talent who studied at the Opera Studio of the Paris Opera, after having received a scholarship from your association.

I wish you all a very good evening.

Bonne soirée à tous.

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