Gala honoring "Heart’s Home"

Heart’s Home is an inter­na­tional Catholic non-profit orga­ni­za­tion that works to pro­mote a cul­ture of com­pas­sion around the world through a range of char­i­table and cul­tural efforts.
Heart’s Home’s missionaries provide intimate, one-on-one support to individuals in some of the most deprived areas of the world. With 41 centers in 21 countries in five continents.

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The Deputy Consul General’s speech At the “Point Coeur” Association Gala Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear friends,

I am very happy to be here with you this evening, and to represent Mister Philippe Lalliot, the Consul General of France, who unfortunately was not able to be among us today. Thank you very much, Antoine, for inviting me to this wonderful reception of such a noble cause.

Our world is becoming more and more complex. It drives each of us to self-withdrawal. Some may even fall into exacerbated individualism. We brush against each other more than we touch each other. We keep to ourselves more than we open our mouths to speak. We merely hear, instead of actually listen. Can we call it fatality? Is this the human destiny?

Men and Women are in need of social relations and interactions, of attention, of an attentive ear, of recognition and of companionship.

It is for all these reasons that the work of Point Coeur’s founder, Father Thierry de Roucy, and of its members, is so important in our current society.

The compassion, the welcoming, the listening and the companionship – all these good deeds rendered by the Association’s volunteers in numerous countries all over the world – have allowed many men and women find an attentive ear and, at the end of a lot of hard work, regain confidence in themselves.

They were revived, with the hope that, often after many difficulties, they would be recognized as people, as human beings, and that they would be listened to, understood, and respected with dignity.

This is a wonderful and highly valued cause for the thousands of people who can now smile at the world, thanks to the “Point Coeur” Association.

Before I finish, I would like us to meditate upon the following quotations:

The Bible, and particularly the Book of Proverbs, says that “He who despises his neighbor sins, But happy is he who is gracious to the poor.” (14:21)

In his book The Prophet, Khalil Gibran tells us that (I quote) “For he who knows – by some means of Alchemy – how to extract compassion, respect, patience and pardon from his heart, and melt them all down, will create the molecule which we call Love.” (End of quote).

Also, this Indian proverb: “Without compassion, there can be no love, and in Love, beggars and kings are equal.”

And finally, this sentence by Milarepa, one of the great Masters of Tibetan Buddhism from the 12th century: (I quote) “Having meditated on love and compassion, I forgot the difference between myself and others.” (End quote).

I humbly believe that universally speaking, our society was never in greater need of attentiveness and of compassion. It is for this reason that we must contribute to the success of the noble task Point Coeur took upon itself, and which it is an honor to serve.

Before I hand over the microphone, allow me to salute a special person, a real alchemist of flavors who, between the shadows of his kitchen, has worked hard to deliciously pleasure us this evening. I wish to thank Stéphane Verdille and his team for putting his art – his culinary savoir-faire – at the service of this great and wonderful cause.

I thank you and wish you all an excellent evening.

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