Going back to France to obtain Professional Training [fr]

In order to make it possible for French citizens who live abroad to obtain professional training that will be recognized by French authorities and employers, the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Labor, Pôle Emploi and the ’Regional Councils’ have signed an accord and put in place certain rules.


This training is available to you if three conditions are met :

  • You are an adult ;
  • You are registered at the Registry for French citizens living abroad ;
  • You have the means to get to France.

if this is the case, your consulate will put you in touch with Pôle Emploi, the operator that has been chosen to offer this service. The ’Regional Councils’ will then manage your training and your housing locally.

The role of the Consulate

The Social Services Department at the Consulate is your first point of contact. It will inform you of the training programs that are available to you. Once you have determined the training program you wish to pursue, the Consulate will pass the information on to Pôle Emploi which will take the matter into its hands. You will then communicate directly with them about all matters pertaining to your training.

Contact us at +1 (212) 606-3602 or by email at social.new-york-cslt@diplomatie.gouv.fr if you would like more information about these opportunities.

The role of Pôle emploi

The work psychologists at Pôle Emploi will be your interlocutors by phone or email. They will put together your file, and personally follow your professional development. They will put you in contact with the ’Regional Councils’ that will organize your training.

They will help you find the training program that is most adapted to you and will check your aptitudes by organizing tests that will be proctored at the Consulate.

Depending on your preferences and your ability to travel, they will determine what training center can host you and transfer your application to the appropriate regional offices.

You have to register with Pôle emploi to have access to this program and to meet a counselor as soon as you arrive in France at the local Pôle emploi agency.

The role of the ’Regional Councils’

They finance and organize the trainings and your lodgings and will provide you with a stipend during the time of your training to cover essential costs.

Alert: The stipend for trainees does not begin until a few months after you have arrived in France, this means that you will need to have enough funds to cover your subsistence when you arrive, and notably the transportation costs between the center that will house you and the training center, the meals you consume at the training center and on weekends.

Some training programs require that you purchase materials. You will have to take charge of these yourself.

Last modified on 14/04/2020

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