Harlem Academy and Black History Month

The Consulate General of France has been supporting Harlem Academy since 2010. Every year, the Consulate holds a fundraising auction for the school. This year’s event will be held on Feb. 28th.
A close relationship was established in 2010, when the Consulate organized its first Charity Gala event as a way to highlight its actions to help initiatives that promote education for underserved communities.

Harlem Academy prepares students from Harlem, Washington Heights, and the Bronx to be admitted to the best secondary schools, placing them on the path of obtaining an education of excellence. Founded in 2004 through the efforts of Vincent Dotoli, it benefits from a non-profit organization status. It began with a 1st-grade class, adding one grade every year, thus accompanying the initial one until June 2012, when it completed its elementary studies. Today it has 115 students, ages from 6 to 13. Their results are astonishing, standing in the first national tier in mathematics and English. Harlem Academy also uses rare and creative teaching techniques to offer a better education to its students. It is the first school in Manhattan to use the world-renowned Singapore mathematics program. It also uses an online program called “Khan Academy” which allows students to study math on their own level and rhythm.

Its non-profit management achievements credited the institution with its winning the “New York Times Company Nonprofit Excellence Award” in 2011, thus becoming the only school, to this day, to receive this prestigious distinction among the 1,300 organizations that have applied since it was created in 2007.

85% of Harlem Academy’s resources come from donations, and only 14% are paid for by the students’ tuition fees. This is why it is crucial for the school, which depends on its sponsors’ generosity, to meet up every year with the funds required for its continued existence.

The Consulate is proud to be able to come to Harlem Academy’s aid every year and organize an event to support it. It has been doing so since 2010 and counts on many years to come for this beautiful tradition.

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Photographs by Tobias Everke

Last modified on 07/02/2013

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