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The NRFrenchParty took place on January 15th at the French Consulate in New York. 10 French startups took the stage to showcase their expertise. More than 100 CEOs & C-levels from French retail and e-commerce were present.


Paris Retail Week presented the 10 French start-ups that are making the journey to New York to showcase their expertise to the French retailers present at the NRFrenchParty.

Alkemics / E-Commerce
This is not an apple. Or at least not just an apple as far as Alkemics is concerned… It is also a fruit, which may be red, yellow, come from Normandy, etc. The company enhances retailers’ and manufacturers’ product information sheets to improve, for example, the search for references on click and collect sites.

ContentSquare / E-commerce
If consumers are impatient in stores, they are even more so on the internet! An e-commerce site must therefore not only be intuitive but reactive too. Easy to say, not so easy to implement with so many criteria to check. Content Square has specialised in the area, creating software to optimise desktop and mobile websites. The company offers a SaaS solution which enables the client pathway to be analysed, tested and personalised in order to enhance the performance of websites.

Critizr / Digitisation of the point of sale
Improving the customer experience consists among other things in taking into account customers’ feedback. Ensuring that the message gets back to the store is not always easy. Critizr enables consumers to give their opinion, positive or negative, sends their comments to store managers, even reminding them to reply. The application is free and a client relationship management tool is sold in parallel to the retailers.

Mirakl / E-commerce
Mirakl is specialised in the creation of marketplaces, enabling e-commerce sites to expand the range of products available by adding third-party sellers to their site. Created in 2012, the company deploys its solutions in more than 20 countries and raised 20 million dollars in capital in July 2015.

SimpliField / Marketing
SimpliField enables brands and retailers to manage their marketing and sales operations in real time. Teams report back information directly via a brands , notably photos, for example to prove that a promotion has been set up. Dashboards are generated in real time to monitor the evolution of projects.


SoCloz / Digitisation of the store
Initially designed for the online booking of products, the company has since expanded its offer with a SaaS-style service platform. Retailers can, via a single portal, choose to deploy several services to digitise their stores: click & collect, booking of appointments, in-aisle payment, clienteling etc. The company raised 4 million euros in June 2016.

Storetail / E-commerce
It is difficult to generate impulse buys on the internet. Storetail has tackled this problem and developed a solution to recreate on retailers’ click and collect websites the traditional promotional techniques used in store, such as gondola ends, digital shelf talkers, or checkout displays.

Think&Go NFC / Digitisation of the store
The start-up Think&Go, owned by Ingenico, makes it possible to connect screens, for example to retrieve promotional coupons as installed in the ‘Italie Deux‘ shopping centre, or to buy products by making a down payment via a contactless payment terminal, as tested this summer with Spar.

Vekia / Supply Chain
Vekia has created a supply chain solution which is based on machine learning to improve the way stores are supplied. In short, the company analyses the sales history, correcting abnormal peaks and checking product shortages in order to generate a supply order. The algorithms can identify product groups which a human will not necessarily pick up. This document can then be used by the distribution centre or by store managers.

Ysance / Digital marketing
Ysance works on data and supplies retailers with tools to draw conclusions from them. The aim is to mobilise companies’ data capital and enable them to use it as a driving force for their digital transformation.

source: blog.parisretailweek.com

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