Land Art – American style: on its way to France

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Close Ties © P. Dougherty

Creating contemporary art out of natural materials. This principal is simple, yet not widely known in France. Wood, earth, rocks, anything you may find while taking a stroll may be turned into art that blends in the landscape. Patrick Dougherty is an American artist who made it his mission to spread this artistic genre among the French.
At the area of Trévarez in the west of the Brittany region, one may now notice manmade art creations of natural origin. After many stops around the world, Patrick Dougherty has decided to plant his art in Brittany. Spectators will be able to enjoy his unique and short living creations between June 2nd and October 16th. The artist carries out his work in a methodical manner, examining the site on which his works will be installed and taking notice of its quality, as well as of the different materials the site may offer. Then, in a few weeks’ time, a natural sculpture is born.
Patrick Dougherty comes from North Carolina. He produces his art in harmony with both nature and the major contemporary notions. A new art form, one that respects its original hosting environment, is planting its roots in Brittany, providing pleasure to the amateurs of contemporary art.

Last modified on 03/06/2011

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