Proof of Life certificate

If you are retired and perceive a French retirement pension, you need to send a proof of life certificate to your pension funds once a year.


The Consulat Général does not deliver life certificates anymore. Individuals who receive French retirement benefits must obtain their life certificates from local agencies (Public Notaries) and either send their certificate by mail to the “Union Retraite” or online through their retirement account.

You are retired and live abroad?
Up until now, each one of the retirement plans that you were affiliated with requested a life certificate as a condition for continuing to receive benefits. As of now, you only have to provide one life certificate (and in some cases proof of your marital status) per year for all of the plans you are affiliated with. This pre-filled out life certificate will be sent to you by the “Union Retraite” either by mail or through your internet-based retirement account if you have one.

In conformity with publication number 2001/31 of the Caisse Nationale d’Assurance Vieillesse), the Consulate does not provide life certificates any more. Individuals who receive French retirement benefits must obtain their life certificates from local agencies.
You may refer to a “notary public”, which has the authority to fill out your life certificate. You can find a “notary public’ in banks, financial service companies, with tax preparers, insurance companies, some public libraries, legal offices, companies that offer express travel services, etc.

Once your life certificate has the public notary’s stamp of approval you must send the original to the “Union Retraite” in the pre-filled envelope they sent you, without passing through the intermediary of the Consulate. We strongly encourage you to hold onto a copy of your life certificate as a precautionary measure.
You can also upload the document through your online personal retirement account.

If you do not fill out your life certificate and send it back by the deadline, your pension payments may be suspended.

Pay attention to how you write dates:
July 5th 1945 is written 05/07/1945 in France but 07/05/1945 in the United States.
To ensure that your life certificate is not rejected by the l’Union Retraite you must imperatively fill out the form the French way.

And to save time, you can now submit your form electronically!
« Ma retraite à l’étranger » enables you to receive and send the documents directly with the website.
This service is accessible at, or by logging to your personal account.

If you haven’t created an account yes, you can do so, in a few clicks, at

Here are the steps to create your account :

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