Long stay visa for visitors


General Information

The French Consulate will only accept applications from residents of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Bermuda.

Please be advised that visa applications by mail are not accepted.

The Consular Administration has full authority to evaluate and request more documents than those submitted by the applicant. Obtaining a visa is not always guaranteed and does not in itself grant you the right to enter a French or Schengen territory. It is therefore necessary that you always carry with you the original documents used to obtain the visa.

A long stay visa is valid for France only but allows you to visit other Schengen countries for short stays.

You may only apply for your visa within 90 days of your departure, not any sooner.

The Visa section will not make any photocopies

Visa applicants must present an original and a copy of each document required.

The Consulate will, in no circumstance, make any photocopies and files cannot be completed at a later stage.

All the files presented will be carefully examined by the Visa Department. However, we wish to emphasize the fact that if you do not produce all the requested documents (originals with their photocopies), the visa will be denied.

Therefore, reapplying will mean the rescheduling of an appointment and full repayment of the visa fee.

No exception will be made. For this reason, we do advise you to prepare your file with the utmost care in order to avoid any delays.

Please submit the following documents in original and 1 copy per applicant

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1 Application form

The form must be completely and legibly filled in with black or blue ink, signed by the applicant and dated.

2 Color photos

- The color photos must be recent, passport size - 2" x 2" (4,5cm x 4,5cm) and showing the full face, the forehead hairline and ears on a white background ; pictures must be without glasses, no scarf, nor hat and no smile. Click here

Passeport or travel document
(+1 copy of the identity page and the validity of the passport)

Valid for at least three months following the last day of your stay in France.

- The validity of your passport cannot exceed 10 years from the date of first issuance. Make sure the passport has at least two blank pages left for visa purpose. Only these pages can be endorsed with the visa. Amendment pages can in no way be used for visas.

If the name on the passport is different than the name on the green card, please provide a copy of your marriage certificate or other document explaining the discrepency.

For non-US citizens

A U.S.A. residency card (Green Card) valid for at least three months following the last day of your stay in France.If the name on the passport is different than the name on the Green Card, please provide a copy of your marriage certificate or other document that explains that discrepency. (+1 copy)
I-551 stamp, (+1 copy)
a USA visa valid for at least three months following the last day of your stay in France, with I-94 (if J1 provid also J1 form), (if F1 visa provid also a valid I-20 form signed by your school), (+1 copy)
an Advanced Parole, which must be valid for at least 90 days beyond the last day in France. (+1 copy)

A proof of lodging in France (+ 1 copy)

A Lease, lease agreement or title deeds in France
A letter from someone living in France stating that he/she will provide accommodation during your stay in France. Included with this statement must be: copy of the host’s passport , if applicable, copy of his/her "carte de séjour", copy of the lease or title deeds and a copy of either a recent gas or electricity or telephone bill.

A letter of motivation (+ 1 copy)

Explaining the purpose of your application for a long stay in France.

A written statement (+1 copy)

Acknowledging that you will neither seek nor accept paid employment during your stay in France.

Financial guarantee (+ 1 copy)

For all travellers : Up-to-date bank statement showing that you have sufficient means to live in France (with the bank balance amounts)

According to your situation :
If you are retired - social security payments or a proof of retirement pension or personal income.
A letter from your employer stating that you are on leave of absence, taking a sabbatical, or any other reasons.
If you are retired - social security payments, if you are self employed - business license.

A proof of medical insurance (+ 1 copy)

A letter from an insurance company stating that the applicant will have medical coverage valid in France.

FBI background check rapsheet

Please log on the FBI website to inquire

An O.F.I.I. form

Please only complete the top part refering to "Rubrique à remplir lors de la demande de visa". Make sure that the dates are stated in the order: day, month, year.

If you are an an accompanying spouse

The marriage certificate is required. (+ 1 copy)

If you are a minor accompanying their parents

- A certified copy of the birth certificate (+ 1 copy)

- A notarized authorization from each parent enabling the child to live in France (+ 1 copy),

- A copy of each parent’s passport

- A vaccination record (+1 copy)


Last modified on 15/11/2017

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