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Compulsory military service was ended by decree adopted at the Cabinet meeting on June 27, 2001. For persons born before January 1, 1979, the draft ended on June 28, 2001, the date the decree went into effect.

For more information see the website of the Ministry of Defense.

Suite à une amnistie, les insoumis n’ont plus pour obligation de régulariser leur situation auprès des autorités militaires. Il leur appartient néanmoins de vérifier, auprès des Services de Police, l’existence de condamnations pénales à leur encontre.



Law 97-1019 of October 28, 1997 radically changed the requirement of National Service which concerns young men (born after December 31, 1979) and young women (born after December 31, 1982).

National Service now comprises two steps:

1) Registration

Before attending an ‘Information Day’ (known as Appel de Préparation à la Defense) young adults must first register. This must be done at age 16.
- To be registered if you reside outside of France, all you need do is register with the Consulate.

For more information on registering see the website of the Ministry of Defense.

2) ‘Information Day’ (Appel de Préparation à la Défense)

‘Information Day’ is held to inform young adults about national defense issues and the duties of citizenship. The event is held once a year at the Consulate. Young adults are notified of the date and arrangements for their participation provided they registered with the Consulate before December 31 of the year preceding the ‘Information Day.’

Young adults who have not attended an ‘Information Day’ before their 25th birthday may not:
- take the baccalauréat or any administrative examination
- obtain a French driver license

Exceptionally : Persons born in 1979 are not required to attend an ‘Information Day,’ but they must register with the Consulate.

For more information see the website of the Ministry of Defense.

For all information on registration and the ‘Information Day,’ you may contact the Consulate at 212 606-3636.


For individuals who wish to volunteer, France has several types of voluntary service:

- Military and military preparation volunteers,

- Civilian volunteers.

A person has the option of being a civilian volunteer in private administration or the humanitarian field, in France or abroad. See the website for international volunteer work or for civilian voluntary work of public and societal benefit.


Information is available on the website of the Foreign Legion at the following addresses; and

The French Embassy in Washington DC also has information on the subject.


Veterans may be eligible for some of the following services;

The retirement card (Carte de Retraite) and veterans retirement, military disability pensions, pensions for civilian victims of war, inherited pensions, free medical care, medical spa treatments, the disabled veterans card.

The social service of the French Consulate in New York accepts applications for retirement benefits, cards and pensions etc..., from French or other nationals who fought for France or were civilian victims of war.

The applications are then sent to the following administrative offices :

For veterans cards and disabled veterans cards -

Service Départemental de l’Office National des Anciens
Combattants et Victimes de Guerre de Paris et Région

Ile de France
295/303 rue Saint Jacques
75240 Paris Cedex 05
Tel 011 33 1 44 41 38 38

For veterans pensions, military disability pensions, inherited pensions, civil pensions, free medical care and medical spa treatments -

Secrétariat Anciens Combattants et Victimes de Guerre
Service des Ressortissants résidant à l’Etranger

1 Place François Mitterrand
B.P. 17
58120 Château-Chinon
Tel 011 33 3 86 85 19 55
Fax 011 33 3 86 85 23 70

For more information on Veterans, click here.

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