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This year, the One Planet Summit will take place alongside the 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly on September, 26 in New York City.


Last year, the One Planet Summit was held in Paris in December. The goal of the summit was to accelerate the implementation of the Paris Agreement and to mobilize actors in the private and public sectors around finding concrete and innovative solutions to climate change. The summit brought together more than 4,000 participants, and resulted in 12 strong commitments:

Commitment 1 : Confront extreme weather events in island-states
Commitment 2 : Protect land and water resources in the face of climate change
Commitment 3 : Mobilize young people and research around climate issues
Commitment 4 : Make public contracts available for tackling climate issues and provide communities with financing to support projects around the same
Commitment 5 : Reach the goal of zero carbon emissions
Commitment 6 : Transform sectors of the economy so that they are carbon free
Commitment 7 : Establish non-polluting forms of transportation
Commitment 8 : Move towards pricing carbon emissions in a manner that’s compatible with the Paris Agreement
Commitment 9 : Get central banks and corporations to commit to action on climate issues
Commitment 10 : Mobilize international development banks
Commitment 11 : Obtain commitments from sovereign banks
Commitment 12 : Mobilize institutional investors

This year, the One Planet Summit will take place on September 26th, during the 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly. At the initiative of President Emmanuel Macron, Antonio Guterres, General Secretary of the United Nations (SGNU), Jim Yong Kim, President of the World Bank, and Michael Bloomberg, Special Envoy for Climate Action, the summit will bring together heads of state, government leaders, CEOs from major corporations, and civil society actors to assess the progress that has been made on the commitments that were taken during the previous summit. Moreover, it will strive to increase the efforts of these various leaders in the struggle against climate change, and especially in the area of green finance.

Through speeches, discussion panels and evaluation reports, the conference will be organized around three major lines of focus:

1. Sharing solutions to deliver local, national and global climate action
2. Investing in the transition to low-emissions, inclusive and resilient economies
3. Protecting vulnerable populations

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Last modified on 23/08/2019

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