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This section is reserved exclusively for scheduling an appointment for requests concerning visas. If you are a FRENCH CITIZEN and you wish to request a passport or a national identity card, please schedule an appointment through the passport section or the national identity card section.

For safety reasons, no visitors to the visa section will be allowed to enter the premises of the Consulate General with a suitcase or any other large capacity bags.

At the peak seasons (May through September and November through January), we invite visa applicants to schedule their appointment as early as possible using our online appointment system, but no more than 90 days in advance.

Applicants will find all the necessary information about visa procedures on our website.

Obtaining a visa appointment is an online-only procedure. Our appointment online system offers all the available appointment slots at the time of connection. If need be, we suggest to go and check online, as often as necessary, if any appointment cancellation has occurred thus offering new available appointment slots.

In order to apply for a visa, an appointment must first be made on line, Monday to Friday, except public holidays, between 9:00 am and 12:00 pm.

No application can be lodged without a prior appointment.
Every applicant must appear in person for interview. There is no exception to this rule. It is mandatory to have ONE APPOINTMENT PER APPLICANT. There is NO family/group application whatsoever even for under aged applicants.


Sending documents to the consulate:

The visa section does not accept any document sent directly or faxed to the Consulate in support of visa applications. The originals of such letters should be presented by the applicant at the scheduled interview, together with one set of photocopies.

On the day of the appointment:

Only the applicant is admitted to enter the premises of the Consulate, unless he/she needs to be accompanied owing to age, or ill health.

Please note that there is no waiting area in front of the Consulate for friends or relatives who are not admitted for the interview.

Minor applicants have to be accompanied by their mother or father or legal guardian for the personal interview.

If the name on the passport is different than the name on the green card, please provide a copy of your marriage certificate or other document explaining the discrepency.

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Last modified on 15/05/2013

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