Your French Retirement Pension in the US


Claiming French Retirement Benefits

In accordance with the pension agreement that was reached on March 2nd 1987 between France and the United States, any person living in the United States must make his or her request for French retirement benefits at a local US Social Security office.

- The form will be sent to the Social Security office in Baltimore, which is the central location at which applications for retirement benefits are processed. As soon as the SSA in Baltimore receives your application they will send you a receipt.
- A linkage form that certifies the date at which the request for French retirement benefits has been made and the identity of the person making the request will be communicated by the SSA in Baltimore to the CLEISS (Centre des Liaisons Européennes et Internationales de Sécurité Sociale, (i.e. the Center for European and International Liaison on Social Security) which will then transfer it to the CNAV (Caisse Nationale d’Assurance Vieillesse).
- The CNAV will then contact you so that you can complete the French national form for requesting retirement benefits. The person making the request must attach to his or her application a form with his or her bank details that has been translated into French so that the pension benefits can be wired to him/her.

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Bank details

Survivors benefits

In the event that a person who receives retirement benefits from France’s national retirement program passes away, the death certificate must be sent to its central agency, the CNAV, so that payments are stopped. Checks that have not been cashed must be returned as well. The spouse can then apply for survivor benefits, following the same procedure as when these benefits were applied for by the original beneficiary of these funds.

Useful adresses

CNAV (Caisse Nationale d’Assurance Vieillesse)
Département des Français de l’étranger
110 rue de Flandre
75951 Paris Cedex 19
Tél 01 40 05 50 21
Fax 01 40 05 54 91

Social Security Administration
OIO - totalization POB 17049
Baltimore, MD 21235-7049
Tél 410 965-8882

For questions about the interpretation of the pension agreement that was reached between France and the United State in 1987:
Social Security Administration
Office of International Policy
POB 17741, room 1104
West High rise
6401 Securité boulevard
Baltimore MD 21235-7741
Phone: 410-965-0160

General number for the Social Security Administration 1 800 772 1213

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