Claiming French Retirement Benefits

The Social Security Agreement between France and the United States:

This agreement, which was signed on March 2,1987 and went into force on July 1, 1988, applies to all persons subject to, or formerly subject to, the social legislation of one or other of the two States (France and the United States), who are citizens of one or other of these States, refugees or stateless persons, and their beneficiaries.

Under the agreement, the periods of contributions validated by the two countries are totaled up, and each state then pays its share under a pro rata system of validated quarters.

The agreement covers only: old-age pension, disability insurance and reversionary pensions (to the surviving spouse). It does not cover health-maternity insurance, industrial accidents, unemployment insurance or family allowances. Any person of French or American nationality, residing in the United States and having previously worked in France, may apply for a French retirement pension at the local American Social Security office. The applicant fills out form SSA-2490 which is then forwarded to the Social Security Administration in Baltimore.

A second form describing contributions paid by the worker in the United States is then sent by the SSA in Baltimore to the corresponding French body (Centre de Sécurité Sociale des Travailleurs Migrants) then to the relevant French office: Caisse nationale d’Assurance Vieillesse (CNAV) or Caisse Régionale d’Assurance Maladie (CRAM).

On receipt of this form, the French office will send the applicant a French application form for a retirement pension which must be filled out and returned to France after the information has first been checked by the Social Services of the French Consulate General in New York.

French Consulate General Social Service
934 5th Avenue
New York NY 10021
Tel 212 606-3602 3606 or 3608

- Minimum age for applying for a retirement pension: 67 years, or 62 years in some circumstances.
- Minimum age for requesting a reversionary pension: 55 years.

Useful addresses

- In France

CNAVTS : Caisse Nationale d’Assurance Vieillesse des Travailleurs Salariés
Département des Français de l’étranger
110 rue de Flandre
75951 Paris Cedex 19
Tel 01 40 05 50 21
Fax 01 40 05 54 91

Centre de Sécurité sociale des travailleurs migrants
11 rue de la Tour des Dames
75436 Paris Cedex 9
Tel 01 45 26 33 41 poste 1226
Fax 01 49 95 06 50

- In the USA

Social Security Administration,
OIO - totalization POB 17049,
Baltimore, MD 21235-7049
Tel 410 965-8882

For all correspondences :
Social Security Administration
Office of International Policy,
POB 17741, room 1104,
West Highrise
6401 Security Boulevard,
Baltimore MD 21235-7741

Numbers for general approval information:
Tel 410-965-0160
Fax 410 965-9370

Information available via the internet at :

Toll free number for general information on Social Security 1 800 772 12 13.

Last modified on 08/08/2018

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