Sale of a service vehicle [fr]

The service vehicle below, declared removed from the inventory of assets and released to the State Property Department, is for sale.


Designation : Lincoln Town Car
Color: dark blue
Year: 2008
Serial number: (VIN) 2LNHM82W78x659516
Mileage: 71,687 miles (115,369 km)
Trade-in value: (Blue Book “good condition”): USD 7,555 (EUR 6,648.40)

A 6% tax will be applied to the sales price. The sale is done without guarantee on the vehicle’s condition.

Bids (not including the tax) should be submitted in a sealed envelope to the Consulate General before October 20, 2017. The envelope needs to contain the bidder’s contact information, and a copy of an official ID. Bids need to be signed and submitted in person.

For more information on the vehicle, please contact Mr. Clément De Conto at 212 606 3666

The sealed envelopes will be opened at the local State Property Department meeting that will take place after the deadline for bid submissions.

Last modified on 05/10/2017

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