Scholarships: second round for 2011/2012 applications

Scholarships: second round for 2011/2012 applications

The second session for 2011/2012 applications is open from July 25 to September 23, 2011.

► Scholarship application for an initial request must be handed in at the social services of the Consulate upon rendez-vous.

► Requests for revision should be sent to the Consulate’s social services by post-mail only.

It is advisable to respect the fixed dates mentioned in section 2.2, in order to ensure your application will not be rejected without being studied.

1. General application conditions

Scholarships are granted according to household income. They may cover school tuition either entirely or partially.

Scholarships may be attributed to children in kindergarten, primary school (1st to 6th grades), and secondary school (junior-high and high-school).

Conditions candidates must meet:

  • Citizenship: The child for whom the scholarship is requested must be a French citizen.
  • Registration as French nationals living outside of France: Both the concerned child/ren and the parent who is making the request must be registered at the Consulate General of France in New York.
  • Residency: The child must be a United-States resident along with at least one of his/her parents. If the child has not yet arrived to the US or to the New York district, the application may be subject to a second local board. On the other hand, if the child lives in the New York district, the scholarship application must be handed in for the first board between the fixed dates mentioned in section 2.2.
  • Age: As candidate, the child must attain the minimal age of entry to kindergarten (3 years of age during the civil year of the beginning of the school year), and, in general, not be over one year late in primary school, or two years late in secondary school.
  • Attended Institution: The pupil must attend an establishment accredited by the Ministry of National Education, Youth, and Sport. The institutions for which a scholarship may be requested are the following:

- Lycée Français de New York (LFNY): from kindergarten to secondary. 505 East 75th Street - New-York, NY 10021. Tel: 1 212 369 1400.
- Lycée Franco-Américain de New York (FASNY) – Mamaroneck Campus: from kindergarten to secondary (high school: BAC series ES and S with OIB). 145 New Street - Mamaroneck, NY 10543. Tel: 1 914 250 0451.
- Ecole franco-américaine de Princeton: From kindergarten to primary school. 75, Mapleton Road - Princeton, NJ 08540. Tel: 1 609 430 3001.
- Lyceum Kennedy – Manhattan Campus: From kindergarten to junior-high (9th grade). 225 East 43rd Street - New-York, NY 10017. Tel: 1 212 681 1877.
- Ardsley Campus: Kindergarten. One Cross Road – Ardsley, NY 10502.
Tel: 1 914 479 0722.
- International School of Brooklyn (ISB): Kindergarten (kindergarten to middle school). 477 Court Street - Brooklyn, NY 11231. Tel: 1 718 369 3023 Email :
- United Nations International School (UNIS): Primary (from 1st to 6th). 24-50 Franklin D. Roosevelt Drive – New York, NY 10010. Tel: 1 212 684 7400.
- Ecole Internationale de New York (EINY): 111 East 22nd Street – New-York, NY 10010. Tel: 1 646 410 2238.

French institution non-accredited as of today (only under the condition of attaining a dispensation through the principal of homologation for non-homologized classes):
- French Academy of Bilingual Culture : du préélémentaire au primaire (CP et CE1). 1092 Carnation Drive - New Milford, NJ 07646 - Tél. : 201 338 8320.

2. The second session for 2011/2012

1° The second round for 2011/2012 candidacies is open. You may download the application form for scholarship requests, as well as the list of required documents for backing up your request.

It is imperative:

  • to entirely fill out the form (please cross or write “null” in fields which do not concern you), and to sign it;
  • to provide all the required documents, especially those which indicate your property holdings, residential property, bank statements, mortgages, and all that indicate the precise situation of your property. An incomplete application will be considered as insincere;
  • to attach a letter (to the application form – entirely filled out and signed – and to the required documents) addressed to the Consul General explaining your request.

The household income taken into consideration in studying the scholarship requests is the income for the year prior to the demand (income of 2010 for a request for the 2011/2012 session).
The request for scholarship must be made by the parent with whom the child resides.

Attention: handing in applications for scholarship requests is exclusively done at the Consulate General of France in New York, upon rendezvous.

You should schedule a meeting by contacting the Social Services of the Consulate starting from July 25, 2011. The last date for handing in an application is September 23, 2011.

You may, however, send your application by mail, directly to the Consulate, before September 23. The hand-in date would be considered as the date of postal receipt by the Consulate.
Applications will be received between August 1 and September 23, 2011.

Incomplete applications, or applications received by mail after September 23, 2011 will be subject to rejection.

2° The two sessions of scholarships (there are two sessions during the year, treating applications in the following manner):

  • 2.1 – The first session.

The first session of scholarship request studying is open to all families living in the New York district.
Applications are given-in upon a rendezvous. Scheduling a meeting is done online, through the Internet site of the Consulate General of France in New York, between January 17 and February 21, 2011. Meetings will take place between February 14 and March 18, 2011. During this session will be examined requests for scholarship renewals for families already residing the in the district of New York, as well as first requests for families already residing in the district, or that have recently moved to it.

Dates for the first session:

Last date for application hand-ins is March 22, 2011.
Mid-April: First Local Board of scholarships.
End of June: First National Board of scholarships.
July: Notification of the decisions of the Agency for French Teaching Abroad (l’Agence pour l’Enseignement Français à l’Etranger).

Families who cannot schedule a meeting and who still wish to apply for a scholarship may send their application by mail directly to the Consulate at the following address:

Consulat général de France à New York
Service social
934 Fifth Avenue
New-York, NY 10021

In this case, applications must be received by mail no later than March 22, 2011, (date of the postal stamp will be respected).

  • 2.2 – The second session.

The second session examines:

Requests by families who have recently arrived to the consular district of New York (i.e. families who arrived after the last date for handing in applications for the first session);
Rejected requests, if asked to be revised by families who want to appeal the Agency for French Teaching Abroad’s decision at the First Board, and who provided convincing additional information to their application as presented to the First Board;
Requests for renewal for families who, in case of force majeure (repeating senior grade, etc.), were not able to present their request to the First Local Board for scholarship requests.

Dates for the second session:

Last date for application delivery is September 23, 2011.
The Second Local Board for scholarship requests is scheduled for October 17.
Mid-December: First National Board for scholarships.
January: Notification of Agency for French Teaching Abroad’s decisions.

Any incomplete request for scholarships, or request received after the last date for delivery will be subject to rejection.

  • 3° The Board of scholarships:

Requests are studied by the Local Board of scholarships which meets at the Consulate. It sends its suggestions to the National Board for scholarships in Paris. The latter makes the final decision of granting or rejecting a scholarship.
The financial situation of each family is taken into consideration in relation to the American “minimum reference of revenue”, the family’s gross household income, the family’s composition and specific charges.
The Local Board for scholarships may ask for any documentary evidence it may need to establish an appreciation of the financial situations of the individuals.
The families are informed by mail in July (after the First National Board for scholarships) and in December (after the Second National Board for scholarships) of the decisions that concern them.
4° The scholarships:

School fees which may be covered by the scholarships are the following:

annual school fees,

annual registration fees,

first registration fees,

exam registration rights,

Attributed according to the evaluation of the family’s income, the scholarships consist of:

total coverage of fees and tuition, if the income is considered very low;

partial coverage, if income is considered high enough.


Complying with all the prescribed conditions does not automatically stand for scholarship eligibility: scholarships and their sum are granted according to the Agency for French Teaching Abroad’s budgetary availabilities.

Additional site: Agency for French Teaching Abroad (AEFE)

For additional information, please contact the Social Services of the Consulate General of France in New York at Tel: 212 606 3602.

PLEASE NOTE: a social investigation (house visit) may be conducted at any time by a consular agent.

Download the application form for scholarship requests (in French), and the list of documents to provide:

Scholarship request form (application form, in French only)

List of required documents

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