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In spite of progress in the recent years, gender equality in the workplace remains a goal to strive for, and women are still underrepresented in too many fields.

Ensuring women are given the same professional prospects and career choices as men is an important priority of Emmanuel Macron’s government. This is the reason why on June 27th , the Consulate General of France in New York will give the floor to some of the women who are the drivers of this much needed cultural, social and economic change. Come meet scientists, media professionals, entrepreneurs and engineers who are all leaders in their fields. They will be given 7 minutes each to inspire you by sharing their own experiences and how they achieved the goals they set for themselves.


On Wednesday, June 27, 2018, from 6:30 to 8:30, the Consulate General of France in New York is hosting a 934 conference entitled “Women who Change the Game” allowing the audience to meet exceptional personalities. This meeting aims to give voice to women who have succeeded in professional areas often reserved for men. Seven French and American women with very different professions, from scientists to journalists to entrepreneurs and engineers, will have seven minutes each to tell their story and explain their vocation to an audience of one hundred people.

For women who are not often used to speaking in public, this conference will also be an opportunity to share their "experiences, their motivations and their passion". The goal of this exercise is to make the story of each speaker inspiring everyone.

For this event, we will be pleased to welcome Camille Mackler, Advocate and Advocate for Immigrant Rights to the New York Immigrant Coalition; Marie Bourreau, former war reporter and journalist for Le Monde and RFI; Pascaline Lepeltier, sommelier, Tiffany Pham, president and founder of "Ask a Mogul" ; Wenyi Cai, Founder and Managing Partnert of Polymath Ventures; Atima Lui, founder and CEO of the NUDEST startup; Claude Silver, director at VaynerMedia and Magdalena Sartori, co-founder of THE ASSEMBLAGE.

To see pictures of the event : here

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