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Mrs. Sabine de La Rochefoucauld

It was at the Consulate General of France – before the members of the American Friends of the Louvre and with the presence of Henri Loyrette, the President Director of the institution – that Sabine de la Rochefoucauld chose to present the Louvre and the masterpieces of the age of Louis XV, on Wednesday, May 19. Be it through the theme of eroticism, the evolution of the Louvre throughout the 18th century, or even through Decorative Arts, the audience was exposed to the museum’s masterpieces under a whole new perspective.

American Friends of the Louvre was created in December 2002 with the objective of strengthening the ties between the museum and the American public. The organization sponsors and supports many projects, such as gallery renovations, art work restoration, educational and exchange programs, and organizing exhibitions in the United States. “For almost ten years, American Friends of the Louvre constitutes a pillar and an essential intermediary in transmitting and diffusing the reputation of our top national museum amidst the American public. The Louvre is indeed the most popular French museum among American tourists, with almost one million annual visitors from the United States out of a total of 8.5 million visitors” announced Philippe Lalliot, Consul General of France in New York.

Full speech given by the Consul General of France in New York

Sabine de la Rochefoucault is head of PR of the Louvre. Her experience as a conference speaker, her passion for the 18th century and for French art in general, her love of the history of fashion and of Decorative Arts – all these make her one of the top French experts on the subject.

“During the 18th century, France beamed as it held its sway on every domain. (…) When Americans came to France, they encountered this French society – an erudite, learned society – and discovered the art of the salon gatherings. This is a moment where love was born, and it was a mutual love, for the French as well were fascinated by this young American society, all the more simple than hers”, recalled Sabine de la Rochefoucauld.

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