The 2012-2013 Campaign

PLEASE NOTE: Please present one application file per family which includes the scholarship requests for the entire family’s children, even if the latter may attend different schools.

1. Address and Contact information of the Consular services in charge of treating requests for scholarships

Consulate General of France in New York
Social Services
934 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10021
Tel: 212 606 3602 (service reception)
Fax: 212 606 3610

2. General conditions of scholarship attribution

Online information may be found on the website of the Agency for French Teaching Abroad (
Scholarships may be attributed to French national students (studying in an accredited establishment by the Ministry of French National Education), and according to parameters of the family’s financial situation and financial resources, as well as the family’s property.

Click here for the list of accredited schools.

Main conditions that must be met in order to obtain a scholarship:

-  the child must be a French national;

-  the child candidate must be registered at the Consulate as a French citizen living outside of France;

Registration to the Consular jurisdiction should be done at the Consular Chancery. The Social Services of the Consulate cannot register families to the Consular district’s registry.

-  the child must be at least 3 years old at the beginning of the civil year of the relevant school year. 

3. Creating an application for scholarship requests

a. Information

Please read the explanatory brochure of the Agency for French Teaching Abroad.

b. Creating the file for scholarship requests

Families are required to make sure their application file is entirely filled out, and that all the necessary documents are enclosed to it.

c. For 1st requests or requests for renewal

The person(s) filing the application on behalf of the child (parent(s), tutor, etc.) should download the tuiton request form.

This application form should be filled out in its entirety, as well as dated and signed. The form should be accompanied by all the required documents.

d. Requests for revisiting

Asking for a revision of a decision made to one’s request should be done via postal letter addressed to the Consul General, accompanied with the document(s) you find necessary to enclose in order to support your demand.

e. Handing in your application file

-  If you are applying for a scholarship renewal, you may either deposit your file at the Consulate General in person, or send it via the postal services to the following address:

Consulate General of France in New York
Social Services
934 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10021

-  Request for revisiting the board’s decision: either hand in your demand in person at the Consulate, or send it with the via the post.

f. 2012-2013 Campaign dates

Consult the calendar for the current campaign

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