The Consulate Rocks with Louis Bertignac

JPEGOne day, we will go to New York… Louis Bertignac had promised. And the artist kept his word on Thursday, June 23, 2011, while holding an exceptional performance at the Consulate General of France in New York. The occasion was a meeting with a lyricist and composer who doesn’t stop electrifying the crowds.

"Now it is really me"

“Now, it’s really me”, a twist to the famous French band Telephone’s song, for this Louis-Bertignac-era is to be as enviously admired as the Telephone-years. “As time goes by I discover and understand myself, as well as my own universe, better and better”, the artist says with satisfaction. With his new album, "Grizzly, this is really me" (Grizzly, ça c’est vraiment moi), Bertignac performs concert after concert. “I play a lot, I am on stage a lot… I love being on the go”. The public keeps asking for more.

"The land of Rock and Electrical Guitars"

When you ask him about the United States, his eyes brighten up. “I’ve always loved New York; I come back here often for work”. America, the land of Rock and of its legends… But also a child’s dream. For, without him having to spell it out for us, he admits: New York cast its spell on Bertignac the kid. “I still look for Superman between the buildings”. Another world…

The pictures of the event
The interview of Louis Bertignac

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