The French company SUEZ, an exemplary American success story

For over 160 years, SUEZ has been a world global leader in resource management, supporting cities and industries to secure and optimize the essential resources for the future.

In North America, SUEZ NA provides water and waste recycling services to over 7.5 million people across the United States and Canada, and employs 4,264 people across North America.

Eric Gernath is the Chief Executive Officer of SUEZ North America and a member of the SUEZ Global Executive Management Committee. In this interview, he is highlighting the company’ s commitments in terms of water conservation and he is explaining how it has driven Suez to success in the US.

Suez Facebook:
Twitter: @SUEZ_NA

Eric Gernath Twitter : @EGernath

Last modified on 10/04/2018

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