The flagship of medical research gathered in New York for the Prix Galien Award [fr]

Business France and the Galien Foundation will reward the winners of the Prix Galien MedStart’Up 2019, which honors the most innovative partnerships between French companies and American institutions in the field of healthcare.


The Galien Foundation is the premier reference institution for the pharmaceutical field in the US. Among its members, are all the leading American laboratories, several winners of the Nobel Prize in Physics, Chemistry and Medicine. 9 French-American projects have been selected by a renowned jury of leaders of the pharmaceutical industry from the Galien Foundation. 3 Prix Galien MedStart’Up Awards will be awarded in New York.
At the same time, Business France and the Galien Foundation are inviting around fifty French companies, which will meet biotechs, medtechs, American companies and investors to discuss new partnerships.

• DATE : 23rd and 24th October from 8am to 4pm
• LOCATION : Alexandria Center, TM for Life Science 450 East, 29th Street, Ground Floor, between 1st Avenue and the East River, NYC
• PARTICIPANTS : 700+ Americans attending the Galien Forum (academics, hospital employees, pharmaceuticals, biotechnologists, medical tech, investors, healthcare experts)
More than 50 innovative French companies in the healthcare field will attend the event

Last modified on 08/10/2019

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