Tuition Assistance 2018/2019 – Preliminary Information

I can’t afford the entire cost of tuition, what are the steps to request tuition assistance?

The Social Services of the Consulate General will accept requests for tuition assistance in December 2017, until March 2018.
- Start collecting your documents now.
- Make sure that you and your children are on the Registry of French Nationals Living Abroad. If not, request it via email.
- If you lived in France with your children, make sure you are no longer receiving aid from the Caisse d’Allocations Familiales (CAF), and request CAF to provide you with a certificate of deletion from their lists.
- Make an appointment online to submit your application for tuition assistance at the Consulate as soon as possible.

I need additional information on tuition assistance, who should I contact?

Within the Social Services, your contacts are:

Hélène Ringot
(212) 606 3605

Paméla Ducap
(212) 606 3606

Last modified on 15/11/2017

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