Tuition Assistance for the 2019/2020 school year

The Consulate’s social services department is available at 212 606 3602 to provide information on the 8 schools available in the area, and to answer your questions on the French government’s tuition assistance program.
The social services department will receive your applications for tuition assistance until March 1st, 2019.

Book your appointment to apply as soon as possible

What are the criteria to be eligible for tuition assistance ?

The child has to :
• be a French national
• currently enrolled in or admitted to one of the 8 AEFE accredited schools in the area (Manhattan : LFNY, LK, EINY, UNIS – Brooklyn : ISB – Westchester : FASNY – New Jersey : FAA, FASP)
• registered with the Consulate
• be at least 3 years old on December 31, 2019

The assistance provided covers only a part of the tuition fees. Additional fees (i.e. lunch program, examination fees) are almost never included.
An application for tuition assistance needs to be submitted every year.
An incomplete or inaccurate application will be rejected.
If you are receiving aid from the Caisse d’Allocation Familiales (exclusively reserved to residents of France), your application will be rejected.
When granted, tuition assistance is paid directly to the schools.

The amount of assistance granted depends on the size of your family, the school you choose, your assets and income in 2018. With the exception of a few cases of extreme personal difficulty, families are always expected to pay a part of the tuition themselves. You may also apply for financial aid at the school directly.

How should I submit my application ?

Appointments are offered Monday through Thursday. Appointments should be made online
Additional appointments may be are offered. To book one of these, please email and

Applications should be submitted no later than March 1st, 2019.
To ensure your application receives the best possible review, we invite you to submit it as soon as possible.

When should I submit an application for admission at the school ?

You should contact the schools you are interested in the fall of 2018. At that time, AEFE accredited schools organize open houses which will give you the opportunity to tour the premises, meet with faculty and initiate the application process for your child.

What do I need to do to apply for tuition assistance ?

The Consulate’s social services department accepts applications for tuition assistance until March 1st 2019.
Start collecting your documents now.
• Make sure that you and your children are on the Registry of French Nationals Living Abroad. If not, request it via email.
• If you lived in France with your children, make sure you are no longer receiving aid from the Caisse d’Allocations Familiales (CAF), and request CAF to provide you with a certificate of deletion from their lists.
Make an appointment online to submit your application for tuition assistance at the Consulate as soon as possible.

How will my application be reviewed ?

Until 1st of March 2019 : the social services department of the Consulate conducts an initial review of your application
• Late April 2019 : the Consular Council, composed of the Consul General, elected representatives of French nationals residing abroad, members of the parent-teacher associations, faculty, UFE, and Français du Monde, reviews applications collectively
• Proposals from the Consulate are sent to AEFE
• Early June 2019 : during a commission held in Paris, and within a global international budget allocated to this purpose, AEFE makes a final decision on all the applications it received
• The final decision on your individual application is confirmed

Can the Consulate tell me the amount of assistance I may receive ?

The amount of tuition assistance granted depends on a number of variables : the composition of your family, the overall amount of tuition, your income, expenses, benefits and assets. It is therefore impossible for us to provide you with a precise estimate.
You can make a preliminary estimate using the AEFE information brochure. The purchasing power parity index for New York is 127.

What are the assets eligibility criteria ?

Above a threshold determined by the AEFE, you are not eligible for tuition assistance :
• Liquid assets : EUR 100,000
• Property assets : EUR 250,000 in acquired value
Example : If you bought a property for EUR 300,000 and you have a EUR 100,000 mortgage outstanding, only the acquired value of EUR 200,000, below the exclusion threshold, will be taken into account.

What types of decisions can be made regarding my application for assistance ?

The first tuition assistance Consular Council can :
• grant tuition aid to your children
• defer its decision (e.g. incomplete application)
• reject your application (e.g. application from a family above the exclusion threshold, inaccurate information). In this case courses of appeal will be available to you.

I need additional assistance on the tuition assistance program. Who should I contact ?

Within the Social Services, your contacts are :
Dominique Martial
(212) 606 3605
Paméla Ducap
(212) 606 3606

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