You are the next Ambassador of French Culture

copyright: Damiano Beltrami/Huffington Post - JPEGAs part of its program Global Classroom: Passport to France, the Association One To World is looking for volunteers ready to expose New York children to the French culture.

“Many pupils do not have the opportunity to see the world. We decided we will bring it to them”. This is how Deborah Clifford, One to World’s Executive Director, describes the Global Classroom program, which exposed some 600 pupils of New York public schools last year – through educational and playful workshops – to France and its history, its cuisine, its geography, its music… as well as to the culture of many other countries!

All this was accomplished thanks to the Global Guides, these organized and trained volunteers, who give a little bit of their time.

If you wish to become a Global Guide and share your culture with public school students, quickly sign up for the next training session that will take place on September 17, 2011, and embrace yourself for a unique experience you will both enjoy and help create. To sign up, contact Laura Tajima, Coordinator of Global Classroom, at

For more information go to, or send an email to

Last modified on 07/09/2011

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