Elected officials in New York [fr]

1- Your senators
2- Your Deputy
3- Your Consular Councillors
4- Your AFE delegates


- Twelve senators for the French community abroad
(by alphabetical order)

JPEG Olivier Cadic (UDI)



JPEG Jean-Pierre Cantegrit (LR)



JPEG Hélène Conway - Mouret (SOC)



JPEG Robert Del Picchia (LR)



JPEG Jacky Deromedi (LR)



JPEG Louis Duvernois (LR)



JPEG Christophe Frassa (LR)



JPEG Joëlle Garriaud-Maylam (LR)



JPEG Christiane Kammermann (LR)



JPEG Jean-Yves Leconte (SOC)



JPEG Claudine Lepage (SOC)



JPEG Richard Yung (SOC)



- Your Deputy of the French community abroad - North America: Frédéric Lefebvre


 The French community registered in consular electoral roll of the constituency 1 (Canada and US) elected Frédéric Lefebvre after the second round of the partial elections held June 8th, 2013.


- Your Consular advisers in the Consulate’s jurisdiction:

E-mail : jjjjulien@hotmail.com
Tel : (646) 460-0994

30 East 40th street, suite 906
New York, NY 10016
E-mail : gerard.epelbaum@gmail.com
Tel : (212) 889-5966
Permanence at the Consulate General, 934 fifth avenue, on Tuesday afternoon with appointment, you have to apply atgerard.epelbaum@gmail.com
Thank you to note that the next permanence of Mr. Epelbaum is scheduled on Tuesday, June 16th, during the afternoon.

Mamaroneck, NY, 10543
E-mail : a.michel@assemblee-afe.fr
E-mail (urgency): amichel05@aol.com
Tel: (914) 420 3494
Permanence at the Consulate General, 934 fifth avenue, on Monday afternoon with appointment, you have to apply a.michel@assemblee-afe.fr

Mr Richard ORTOLI
501 Madison Avenue, 14th Floor
New York, NY 10022-5616
E-mail: rortoli@sovrlaw.com
Tel 1: +1 (212) 829-8935
Tel 2: +1 (212) 588-0022
Permanence at the Consulate General, 934 fifth avenue, with appointment, you have to apply rortoli@sovrlaw.com

E-mail: roxottogo@gmail.com
Tel: +1 (718) 575 - 5406
Fax: +1 (718) 793 - 5895

- Your AFE delegates

  • a. Role and tasks

JPEG L’Assemblée des Français de l’Etranger (AFE) is the representative assembly of French, outside France. It is intended to give some advice to the government on all matters relating to French nationals outside France. The Minister of Foreign and European Affairs chairs the AFE.

It is currently composed of 183 members: 150 elected by direct universal suffrage by the French community abroad, 12 ex officio members (the 12 Senators of French outside France) and 21 members appointed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs .

The mandate of Councillors is 6 years. The AFE is renewed by half every three years.

The Assembly des Français de l’étranger meets once a year in Paris in plenary. It is composed of five permanent commissions: Commission on Cultural Affairs and Education, Social Affairs, Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs, Commission of the laws and regulations of the European Union Commission. 3 temporary committees must be added: Veterans Affairs, Decentralization applied to French community outside France, vocational training for French community outside France.

The AFE Delegates are the privileged interlocutors of diplomatic and consular posts. They are entitled to all statutory members of consular fees (scholarships, social protection, employment).


Assemblée des Français de l’Étranger
Secrétariat Général
244, boulevard Saint-Germain
75303 Paris 07 SP
Tél :
Fax :
Site internet : www.assemblee-afe.fr


  • b. The AFE Delegates in the United States:

Ms Marie-Carole DE LA CRUZ
Ms Nicole HIRSH
Mr Richard ORTOLI
Mr Olivier PITON
Mr Jean-Claude ZAMBELLI

Assemblée des Français de l’Étranger Secrétariat Général 244,
Boulevard Saint-Germain 75303 Paris 07 SP
Tél :
Fax :

For more information, check the website : www.assemblee-afe.fr

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